Powder room ideas

I am really excited to have a small bathroom to play around with. It’s going to be the only bathroom on the main floor so it will get regular use, but it’s also a fairly tight space. It has to be super functional, but I also really wanted it to be fun.  I kept saying “I want a moody bathroom,” and was getting blank stares in return. Something like this

moody bathroom
source, also I love basically everything Amber does. She is amazing!

I wanted to have brass hardware to continue the brass/gold look from the kitchen, and it was tough to find faucets in the right finish that were remotely affordable. There’s lots of shiny 80’s style brass that is cheap, but the good stuff is harder to find.

I also love the drama of a wall mounted faucet…but  its really hard to find a sink that works with it. Stupidly, sinks come predrilled with holes for the faucets and it’s ridiculously hard to find a sink without them. The obvious solution would be to get a vessel sink but I really really don’t like the look of them. And when have I ever gone for the easy obvious solution when I can obsess about something instead? So I’ve been scouring the depths of the interwebs to see what I can find.  At this point, I’m resigning myself to buying a slab of Carrera and having it cut to size and then building a vanity.  So much for quick and easy…

The good news is I found wallpaper that is perfect for the space. I loved the Ellie Cashman wallpaper but was getting estimates in the $4,000-5,000 range which is insane. I then found the perfect wallpaper…but it was sold out. I luckily thought to do a reverse image search to find that it’s also sold by Burke decor. AND it was even cheaper on their site than on wayfair.  black gold wallpaper

Isn’t it gorgeous?!? It’s exactly what I was looking for. I was worried about getting the hubby on board, but surprisingly he loved it too. Now that I have the wallpaper figured out the plan is something like this for the bathroom.

bathroom mood

I’m totally into the dark wallpaper with the gold hardware, and the rustic vanity. Does anyone know where I can get a toilet flusher knob in brushed gold?  lol, kidding…mostly 🙂

edit: OMG it’s actually a thing. You can buy a gold button to flush your toilet

I’m back!

I know this is my tiny little corner of the internet and I can pour my thoughts out where, probably, no one will read them anyways 🙂  So here goes…

Life has been totally crazy, which is why I have been seriously MIA over here. First I switched jobs…then we decided to move back to Minnesota(!). The move was supposed to happen “later,” maybe sometime in the summer of 2016. Then we went to visit family and popped in on some open houses and accidentally found our house. It is the perfect, sweet, little house in our dream neighborhood. It was owned by a couple for the last 30 some years who had raised their children and were now downsizing. This house is so full of good vibes, it’s incredible. So we made an offer on it, and now it’s officially ours!!

Then we realized (duh) that we had to get moving on selling our place in LA. It was our first time trying to stage a home, and I had no idea how hard it is to live (and work) in a house with two dogs while keeping it show-ready all the time. We are about to close on our place (cross your fingers everything goes smoothly) at the end of the month.  Then we move to a one bedroom sublet for 5 weeks and then drive halfway across the country to get to Minnesota!

We will be moving in with my parents for a while since we are doing some renovations on the new place. Planning and designing the remodel is basically taking up ALL of my personal time at this point, but we have big dreams for the final result. I can’t wait!!

On top of this, I am really sad to be leaving LA. It’s 100% the right thing to do for our family right now and we are SO lucky that we can both take our jobs with us. But it’s LA! I have crazy FOMO for all the things that we will be leaving, plus the weather….hello! So it’s a complicated bittersweet time right now.

Family photo by the wonderful Amanda Bjorn. Family really is everything.

Sunday night musings

Things over here went from crazy to crazier before calming down this week.  Last week I was in New York for orientation for a new job (woot woot!) and it was so much fun to be there for so much time, but it was also incredibly busy and overwhelming at times. Being away from home and my babies for a whole week was tough, and I am so happy to be back home in beautiful LA.

Hollywood sign, LA, Los Angeles
the view walking to our car from the farmer’s market today.

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Puppy love and farmers market spoils

This week’s farmer’s markets were out of control, literally exploding with every kind, color, and shape of produce.  California, you have outdone yourself again!  One farm was offering 10lbs of heirloom tomatoes for $20…needless to say I have a lot of capreses, salsas, and sauces in my future.

organic tomatoes at the farmers markets

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Portraits of America and an update


flag, model, america

Things have been hectic around here to say the least, we were traveling internationally, switching jobs, and helping my sister move. Phew! We have a little bit of down time after about a month, and hopefully things will settle back into their normal routines around here.

One of my good friends, Diana, featured me on her blog a couple of weeks ago. Diana and her boyfriend quit their jobs about 18 months ago, and have been traveling and blogging about their experiences ever since! I feel like you often hear about people who are able to completely change their lifestyle and travel full time, but I always wonder how they really make it work. Diana and Ian share all these experiences, complete with tips on how you can incorporate such changes into your life on their two blogs. The first is North to South and is their travel blog, the other is Stylish Travel Girl where Diana is creating a community of stylish women travelers.

I was featured in a series she is doing called “Portraits of America,” along with another friend of ours, Maya. We had SO much fun spending an afternoon taking photos in the mountains of Simi Valley. Here are a few of the photos from the shoot, and head over to Diana’s blog for even more pictures!

flag, model, america
flag, model, america

flag, model, america

Farmers market bounty

One of my favorite things about Southern California is the prevalence of farmers markets. I counted once, and there is a market every day but Wednesday within 2 miles of our home. As a midwestern transplant it amazes me that I can go to a farmers market any time of the year and come home with fresh local produce.

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