Gray, white and gold

I’m really loving gray and white kitchens with gold/brass hardware.

Canadian House and Home
Canadian House and Home

I love how this kitchen has both white and black cabinets, white marble and butcherblock counters, brass hardware, stainless steel appliances, AND a patterned tile wall without looking like a crazy person’s kitchen.

kitchen inspo
I can’t seem to find the original link to this one either

I love the look of this one too, though I would add a little bit of rustic wood to warm it up.

The one thing we are also going to be incorporating that I can’t seem to find in any kitchens online are black stainless steel appliances.  We bought this fridge from LG. I found this image online of Samsung’s black stainless finish with gray cabinets. I think it will work well with gray and white cabinets…thoughts?

black stainless finish with gray cabinets