Powder room ideas

I am really excited to have a small bathroom to play around with. It’s going to be the only bathroom on the main floor so it will get regular use, but it’s also a fairly tight space. It has to be super functional, but I also really wanted it to be fun.  I kept saying “I want a moody bathroom,” and was getting blank stares in return. Something like this

moody bathroom
source, also I love basically everything Amber does. She is amazing!

I wanted to have brass hardware to continue the brass/gold look from the kitchen, and it was tough to find faucets in the right finish that were remotely affordable. There’s lots of shiny 80’s style brass that is cheap, but the good stuff is harder to find.

I also love the drama of a wall mounted faucet…but  its really hard to find a sink that works with it. Stupidly, sinks come predrilled with holes for the faucets and it’s ridiculously hard to find a sink without them. The obvious solution would be to get a vessel sink but I really really don’t like the look of them. And when have I ever gone for the easy obvious solution when I can obsess about something instead? So I’ve been scouring the depths of the interwebs to see what I can find.  At this point, I’m resigning myself to buying a slab of Carrera and having it cut to size and then building a vanity.  So much for quick and easy…

The good news is I found wallpaper that is perfect for the space. I loved the Ellie Cashman wallpaper but was getting estimates in the $4,000-5,000 range which is insane. I then found the perfect wallpaper…but it was sold out. I luckily thought to do a reverse image search to find that it’s also sold by Burke decor. AND it was even cheaper on their site than on wayfair.  black gold wallpaper

Isn’t it gorgeous?!? It’s exactly what I was looking for. I was worried about getting the hubby on board, but surprisingly he loved it too. Now that I have the wallpaper figured out the plan is something like this for the bathroom.

bathroom mood

I’m totally into the dark wallpaper with the gold hardware, and the rustic vanity. Does anyone know where I can get a toilet flusher knob in brushed gold?  lol, kidding…mostly 🙂

edit: OMG it’s actually a thing. You can buy a gold button to flush your toilet