2 years later

So how are you? Sorry, I’ve completely neglected my little corner of the internet because we have been a leeetle bit busy. frontstepback

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Done is better than perfect


Lately, I’ve been frustrated. I have all these ideas for things to post on here, and then I go to put my ideas down on paper and it doesn’t feel good enough to post.

I went to an event Sunday night where we acknowledged all the awesome astronomical happenings- the blood moon, autumnal equinox, and mercury being in retrograde. There was lots of talk of review, reflection, recharging, and rejuvenation. I couldn’t ignore this less than subtle cosmic hint.

I really want to be consistent with this blog, and I can come up with lots of easy excuses about why I am too busy/stressed/distracted. More often than not, the real issue is that it feels vulnerable to put it out there.  I’m going to keep putting my thoughts out there into the interwebs.  If no one reads it, that’s fine, I’m doing it for me anyways.

In the meantime here are some puppy pics 🙂




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Better late than never

I have been thinking about starting a blog for years, but then inertia would kick in. Also, if we are being honest, the thought of putting myself out there is pretty scary. I’ve finally decided to just do it. I imagine this being a place where I can keep track of things I have cooked, crafty projects I have taken on, and life in general. Get ready for lots of puppy pictures!