Eating lately

Before I left for New York, I went nuts at the farmer’s market and bought over 10 lbs of tomatoes, along with all kinds of other produce.  I was determined to eat as many as possible before having to resort to making pasta sauce, since the flavor of these tomatoes was just incredible.  We were on a pretty ridiculous tomato-eating kick. We had heirloom tomatoes with burrata cheese, basil, EVOO, and balsamic vinegar

burrata tomato salad basil

Which was so good we had to do it again with red and yellow heirlooms:

burrata tomato salad, basil, homemade, organic

Tomato and avocado salad with EVOO and truffle salt:

avocado, tomato, truffle salt, olive oil

Then we had a yellow and pink watermelon salad with mint and feta:

yellow and pink watermelon salad, mint, feta, oo

And a yummy stir fry with all the other veggies I bought!

colorful organic veggie stirfry

Basically, I <3 summer. Not pictured are the caprese salads we ate pretty much every day.  I love my veggies so much I was once told by my husband (who loves them slightly less than me) that I had to be careful not to get vegetable poisoning 😉



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