farm fresh eggs

Farmers market bounty

One of my favorite things about Southern California is the prevalence of farmers markets. I counted once, and there is a market every day but Wednesday within 2 miles of our home. As a midwestern transplant it amazes me that I can go to a farmers market any time of the year and come home with fresh local produce.

The market from this weekend had the most gorgeous multicolored eggs I have ever seen. And baby strawberries! There are not the mutant abnormally large ones that you usually see, but little, sweet, juicy, ruby red ones. I also went a little nuts and bought 10lbs of tangerines, in my defense they were $10 for 10lbs. They called them “juicing tangerines” but they were so sweet I couldn’t help it. I figured I could take them to work for a mid-day snack…but there is a reason they were called juicing tangerines. Oops!  I guess there are lots of glasses of tangerine juice in my future, so you won’t hear me complaining.

farm fresh eggs
Multicolored farm fresh eggs
farm fresh strawberries
Baby strawberries
tangerines, juicing
Tangerine seeds!
tangerine juice
Tangerine juice

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