Honey goat cheese stuffed sweet peppers

Goat cheese stuffed sweet peppers

Goat cheese stuffed inside sweet pickled peppers and then topped with chopped pistachios…

Honey goat cheese stuffed sweet peppers


This recipe was an accidental creation, which is always the best kind.  We had friends over and were scrounging in the fridge and pantry to figure out what snacks we had. We dug up our go-to items like cheese, olives, nuts, crackers, and then I found this jar of pickled sweet peppers from Trader Joe’s.

trader joe's, hot and sweet peppers





  The most delicious peppers ever!!




I looked at the peppers, honey goat cheese, and pistachios sitting next to each other and knew we had a winner. This isn’t really a recipe but more encouragement to run to TJ’s RIGHT NOW to buy these delicious peppers; you won’t be sorry! I’m now obsessed with these peppers, they are so versatile. They would be amazing added to a salad or with eggs. They have a wonderful sweetness and texture along with a tiny bit of heat to balance it out.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have a Trader Joe’s around, you can get these pickled peppers in the olive bar of any well stocked grocery store. I’ve seen them come pre-stuffed with blue cheese, but I think the tang of a goat cheese is really what makes these peppers sing.

I stuffed them with a honey goat cheese, which was delicious, though I imagine a plain goat cheese would be good as well. I wouldn’t suggest a herbed goat cheese as it would probably overpower the flavor of the pepper. Another sweet cheese like mascarpone would probably work well too.  The chopped pistachios add a beautiful pop of color and a nice crunch, though I’m sure any chopped nut would work.

Basically my recipe is sweet peppers+honey goat cheese+chopped pistachios = amazing deliciousness! Let me know what you think once you try it!




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