I’m back!

I know this is my tiny little corner of the internet and I can pour my thoughts out where, probably, no one will read them anyways 🙂  So here goes…

Life has been totally crazy, which is why I have been seriously MIA over here. First I switched jobs…then we decided to move back to Minnesota(!). The move was supposed to happen “later,” maybe sometime in the summer of 2016. Then we went to visit family and popped in on some open houses and accidentally found our house. It is the perfect, sweet, little house in our dream neighborhood. It was owned by a couple for the last 30 some years who had raised their children and were now downsizing. This house is so full of good vibes, it’s incredible. So we made an offer on it, and now it’s officially ours!!

Then we realized (duh) that we had to get moving on selling our place in LA. It was our first time trying to stage a home, and I had no idea how hard it is to live (and work) in a house with two dogs while keeping it show-ready all the time. We are about to close on our place (cross your fingers everything goes smoothly) at the end of the month.  Then we move to a one bedroom sublet for 5 weeks and then drive halfway across the country to get to Minnesota!

We will be moving in with my parents for a while since we are doing some renovations on the new place. Planning and designing the remodel is basically taking up ALL of my personal time at this point, but we have big dreams for the final result. I can’t wait!!

On top of this, I am really sad to be leaving LA. It’s 100% the right thing to do for our family right now and we are SO lucky that we can both take our jobs with us. But it’s LA! I have crazy FOMO for all the things that we will be leaving, plus the weather….hello! So it’s a complicated bittersweet time right now.

Family photo by the wonderful Amanda Bjorn. Family really is everything.

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