Puppy love and farmers market spoils

This week’s farmer’s markets were out of control, literally exploding with every kind, color, and shape of produce.  California, you have outdone yourself again!  One farm was offering 10lbs of heirloom tomatoes for $20…needless to say I have a lot of capreses, salsas, and sauces in my future.

organic tomatoes at the farmers markets

Organic peppers at the farmers market

You can buy every kind of pepper you can imagine!

2015-07-26 12.33.29

And FIGS!!

I somehow managed not to buy everything, although I came pretty close… We got over 10lbs of heirloom tomatoes plus mini San Marzanos, sweet corn on the cob, multicolored assorted peppers, brussels sprouts, avocados, lots of herbs, peaches, figs, and a yellow watermelon!

organic heirloom tomatoes

organic farmers market vegetables

organic farmers market vegetables

I love the peek-a-Gobi pose!

organic farmers market vegetables

The puppies approve of our grocery shopping

organic yellow watermelon

Send your favorite tomato recipes my way, because I have my work cut out for me! I’m going to try to eat as many raw or in salads as I can, and whatever we can’t finish will go into salsa or pasta sauce. This is why I love summer.

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