Pickled carrots and jalapeños

I had never eaten at a taco truck, and had no idea what I was missing, before I moved to LA. One of my favorite things about taco trucks is the array of salsas, I am the person who gets a tiny container of every single salsa to make sure I’m not missing out on any deliciousness.  I am also obsessed with the pickled carrots and jalapeños they always have, but I had always assumed there was some special magic that would make them impossible to recreate at home. Well I have good news, they are surprisingly easy and just as delicious when you take the time to make them at home. 

 pickled jalapeno recipe

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The best black bean and corn salsa

This black bean and corn salsa is so delicious and it has such a burst of flavor. It is wonderful as a side, you can put it in a taco or quesadilla, or scramble it into eggs the next morning.  You could add chopped bell peppers to add some color or add in chipotle chiles in adobo sauce for an extra kick. It’s the perfect recipe to take to a potluck or a summer picnic, as it doesn’t need to be served cold and it travels well.

delicious vegan Black bean corn salsa recipe

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