Portraits of America and an update


flag, model, america

Things have been hectic around here to say the least, we were traveling internationally, switching jobs, and helping my sister move. Phew! We have a little bit of down time after about a month, and hopefully things will settle back into their normal routines around here.

One of my good friends, Diana, featured me on her blog a couple of weeks ago. Diana and her boyfriend quit their jobs about 18 months ago, and have been traveling and blogging about their experiences ever since! I feel like you often hear about people who are able to completely change their lifestyle and travel full time, but I always wonder how they really make it work. Diana and Ian share all these experiences, complete with tips on how you can incorporate such changes into your life on their two blogs. The first is North to South and is their travel blog, the other is Stylish Travel Girl where Diana is creating a community of stylish women travelers.

I was featured in a series she is doing called “Portraits of America,” along with another friend of ours, Maya. We had SO much fun spending an afternoon taking photos in the mountains of Simi Valley. Here are a few of the photos from the shoot, and head over to Diana’s blog for even more pictures!

flag, model, america
flag, model, america

flag, model, america

Puppy love

This week Imli is the star of the show.  Happy Friday!

2015-03-25 16.20.11
Imli, happy

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Farmers market bounty

One of my favorite things about Southern California is the prevalence of farmers markets. I counted once, and there is a market every day but Wednesday within 2 miles of our home. As a midwestern transplant it amazes me that I can go to a farmers market any time of the year and come home with fresh local produce.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who taught me just about everything I know. Your creativity, generosity, and kindness continue to inspire me and push me to be better. I love you.

Mothers day

Puppy love

This week Gobi and Imli decided to wear their college gear to support Michelle Obama’s #ReachHigher initiative to encourage young people to go to college. We got the USC shirt because the Hubby is a Trojan, and the Wellesley one because my sister went there. She got us a baby shirt as a “hint hint” but luckily Gobi is baby sized 😉

dog, puppyPuppies, college bound

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Puppy love

Some puppy pictures to end the week on a sweet note.

dog, puppy
Gobi, smiling

IMG_9176Gobi, drowsy


Imli, curious


Imli, sleeping

Till next week!